The Totus Advantage

A Holistic Approach to Intelligent Building Optimization.


1. whole, all, entire, total, complete, every part
2. all together, all at once

Some solutions are better than others. The best ones are a seamlessly integrated blend of product, service, sustainability, and technology strategies. It is what we call Holistic Optimization On Every Level. The results from implementing these solutions are intelligent buildings that cost less to operate, are safer and more productive for occupants and more operationally efficient for its owners.

Optimized Intelligent Buildings have significant return on investment in terms of higher tenant productivity and reduced operating expenses. These projects are expected to result in above market rents, improved retention, higher occupancy rates, and lower operating expenses.

Our mission is to deliver our customers a holistic approach to intelligent building optimization at a sensible price.

We consistently deliver such solutions using our proprietary process, TOTUSdesign, which consists of an in-depth assessment of the facility problems resulting in a set of strategic solutions, relevant creative and sustainable. Whew, that's a mouthful.

Something You Need to Know About Us...

  • We have a passion for energy efficient strategies that grow out of innovative thinking.
  • We believe holistic solutions only come from a thorough understanding of a client's facility.
  • We are dedicated to creating and executing ideas that separate our clients from the competition in meaningful ways.
  • We develop strong brands and drive action with communications that are original, relevant and impact behavior.

Our approach, TOTUSdesign, has grown out of years of our collective experience and provides the structure, system integration, and enterprise applications to construct and deliver options to optimize our clients Facility or portfolio, new or existing.

Now, we know that many companies tout a similar process, our idiosyncrasy is that we follow it.

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