Grant Bevill, is President and partner of the The Totus Group, LLC and its family of technology-oriented companies, committed to developing holistic solutions for building optimization and energy efficiency.

He is responsible for managing, leading and overseeing the vision for the company, Grant in addition, is responsible for setting the overall direction of Automatic Building Controls, LLC, Chicagoland’s premier solution to building optimization and efficiency.

Grant has been around influencing building automation, and efficiency solutions for over twenty-five years. And in 2005, acquired leadership of Automatic Building Controls, LLC from his brother Mark. 

He provides a no-nonsense direction in areas such as technology, engineering and operations, has driven Automatic Building Controls, LLC to be leading provider of automation products and services for business, government and education.

Prior to joining Automatic Building Controls, LLC he held a sales engineering position at Siemens earning a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable sales engineer. Grant was also an award winning sales engineer with Unisys.   

He is a graduate of Oral Robert’s University in Tulsa, Oklahoma and additionally is an active member of ASHREA.

Grant resides in the Chicagoland area with his wife and 3 children. He is a sport enthusiast, a coach, and a dedicated volunteer with youth at his family church.

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Oral Roberts University

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