About Fix Consulting LLC.

Green Through Technology. Innovating a new and dynamic business model for IT and the Facility Enterprise.

In 2000, FIX Consulting, LLC. based in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, was incorporated to take advantage of the growing convergence of the traditional IT enterprise with the facilities IT enterprise and the exploding building network infrastructure associated with "facility network nodes" in buildings and facilities.

Today, as part of The Totus Group, LLC. we are innovating a new dynamic business model along with consulting on IT infrastructure, open building automation, database management, life safety information, and greener and environmentally safe facilities. We have entered a new era in where the ever changing fields of information technology, security, the smart grid, supply and demand response , and energy management are driving factors of this new business model.

Managing and Delivering Sustainability Goals
through the implementation of IT technology.

Demands for establishing a roadmap for the life of a building are higher than ever before. Therefore, resources, specialized training, specific skills and expertise can be critical factors needed for completion of a building project.

FIX is the program manager for your facility integration. Our desire is to provide empowering leadership as a catalyst for the change you need, and optimum performance as a goal for your facility or plan. We work with IT Departments, Facility Owners, their Engineers, and Construction Managers and focus on providing you with a total implementation process.

We manage the Information technology that relates to the facility side of the enterprise. Starting from the BOD (Basis of Design). Our approach is holistic, innovative and comprehensive. Designed to provide our clients with solutions and results. Our set of services and systems provide clients with a wide range of technical and professional services assuring efficient integration and interoperability for a complete building system commissioning.

We define strategic objectives and provide effective recommendations to our customers as well as help them develop a successful plan for the future of their building or project. It is our goal to deliver a solution that is less damaging to the environment and optimized for healthier occupants.

The IT community has no idea what is about to hit them when it comes to the exponential increase of nodes associated with the facilities enterprise. The IT community, when addressing their “Green” energy or carbon footprint, has focused specifically on data centers. When they think of "Green," they think of the "Data Centers." But, these new facility nodes need to be managed, secured and applied to their IT infrastructure.

FIX Consulting is Here to Help.

In addition to technology, changes are being driven by federal, state and local legislation. The unpredictability of energy costs, and most importantly the pressures of corporate social responsibilities have been a powerful catalyst to join the “Green Movement” and also associate with other “Green” companies.

A Complete Technology Plan and Total Commissioning for the Lifetime of a Building.

Our technology and commissioning process, provides our clients with a tested framework of solution based tools that have proven effective and efficient by our industry professionals. Using Open Technology, existing relationships and partnerships we work to completely integrate a facility providing a building that is not only commissioned properly, but one that is designed for the future.

FIX Consulting understands that Facility Owners are striving to balance energy efficiency requirements, comfort demands, and environmental pressures, so, ensuring interoperability is crucial in meeting the needs of end users with integrated building management systems.

Our open system framework provides solutions that will effectively connect equipment from manufacturers working with different protocols.

If the IT facility enterprise system is not open and expandable
then we haven’t done our job!

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