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Using techniques for optimization and targeted analytics while delivering a powerful energy management solution.

Automatic Building Controls, LLC (ABC) has remained true to a single mission: deliver customers a holistic approach to intelligent building optimization at a sensible price. They have been delivering that promise to customers in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana since 1976. Automatic Building Control supports a full range of programs that ensure buildings operate at peak performance and reliability, including partnering with eSight for its energy analysis and monitoring solution.

The Requirement

Automatic Building Controls offers total facility optimization for buildings that are looking to cut back on their energy usage. Aware that America is moving toward becoming more energy conscious, they wanted a product to measure energy consumption. Since they already had a wide variety of energy saving solutions, ABC were looking to add an energy monitoring solution to integrate with their product portfolio.

Automatic Building Controls had several requirements for an energy monitoring suite. They wanted a user-friendly and graphical interface to provide clients with access to their energy data in a visually appealing manner.

They also required a system which is powerful yet still easy to implement and does not require a tremendous amount of training. Most importantly, they needed the capability to provide their clients with a software suite containing a variety of reporting and analysis functions to target energy usage for savings.

The Solution

Automatic Building Controls evaluated a wide range of energy monitoring products before selecting eSight. Automatic Building Control has been in partnership with eSight since 2009 as an accredited reseller and they now offer eSight as a value added service to their already extensive product portfolio.

Automatic Building Controls chose eSight for a number of reasons. First it was incredibly important for them to provide their customers with the ability to target energy for savings and to quantify these once made. eSight includes a powerful set of techniques for energy reduction and sophisticated analysis of energy usage. Also, eSight's 100% web-based architecture makes it extremely easy to install. With the help of eSight's knowledgeable support staff, they are able to implement eSight with ease at client sites.

eSight offers a wide variety of reporting techniques presented in a user friendly interface. Through eSight, ABC are able to offer their clients the ability to monitor energy usage, use targeted techniques to discover anomalies in data, identify areas of energy savings and much more.

eSight Express

Automatic Building Controls, LLC has a number of clients with multiple sites and users needing to access their data. These users can access eSight through eSight Express which has been designed to provide simplified access to energy data for non-technical users of the eSight suite.

eSight Express provides access to a selection of the functionality available within eSight, presented in a simplified user interface designed specifically with the novice user in mind.

Solutions from Automatic Building Controls

Utilizing open protocol systems, ABC implements intelligent building solutions. Using techniques for optimization and targeted analytics ABC can deliver a powerful energy management solution. eSight integrates above the building infrastructure to provide transparency of performance at equipment level. Working in partnership with eSight ABC can deliver a seamless end to end energy efficiency project to their clients.

About eSight Energy Inc.

Brought to you by eSight Energy Inc., eSight is the most sophisticated and comprehensive energy suite available. Built upon the very latest Microsoft technology, the eSight suite provides an extensive range of techniques for analyzing energy usage and targeting sites for savings.

eSight may be used to monitor data from virtually any energy related system, including meters and loggers, building management and control systems, production data, spreadsheets, supplier data, oBIX and OPC data.

Please contact Automatic Building Controls, LLC for further information on how the eSight suite can help your organization save money.
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