The Totus Group LLC. Products and Services

The Totus Group and its Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries can be interchangeable when discussing markets and products.

It is the intent to maximize the strengths of each of the companies and be able to present to existing and new clients a solution or solutions that will meet their particular needs. The companies customers range from professional designers, such as IT professionals, architects, consulting engineers, contractors including construction management companies, general contractors, mechanical and electrical contractors, to developers, property management companies both local and national, ESCOs (Energy Service Companies ), government and institutional clients representing federal state and local governments, schools K-12 and higher learning, hospitals and all industrial and commercial facilities.

Products and Supplier Relationships

We offer a variety of BMS, EMS, security and life safety products and solutions. It is our intent to build on the manufacturer relationship and expand into additional product offerings and markets. The Totus Group has enjoyed relationships with all of the major manufacturers at one time or the other. These companies include Siemens, Johnson Controls, Automated Logic, American Auto Matrix, Invensys, Belimo and many more.

We have several other relationships that have been established in 2009 which include eSight, the leading supplier in Europe of energy reporting and monitoring software and one of the more exciting relationships that has come to pass within the last year is a relationship with Cisco. The Totus Group has become an ATP (Authorized Technical Partner) for Cisco’s building automation facility product and is in the process of working with Cisco on a new facility in the Chicagoland area. The Cisco relationship will help us to expand The Totus Group, FIX Consulting division, into services and expertise to the IT marketplace where our number one focus will be addressing and consulting the convergence of the North side and South side of the IT infrastructure.

Although these relationships are important in the short run the specific products that are represented above make up less than 15% of the total cost of any one particular project. As standards continue to take place and the market becomes inundated with newer and better technologies from lesser-known companies the representation of specific products becomes less and less of a concern to The Totus Group and its ability to penetrate existing and new markets.

The Totus Group has always been an innovator and first adapter of the latest technologies. Automatic Building Controls was the first in the Midwest to offer terminal DDC for VAV boxes and heat pumps. It also was the first to introduce BACnet to the Chicago market in 1998. Its main focus has always been its ability to seek out and develop new relationships with companies that offer innovative products and bring those products to market through a systems approach and not simply a product only approach. The Totus group is keenly aware of the fast pace of technological innovation and it sees as its cornerstone its ability to integrate and bring to market from a systems approach new products.

The market has plenty of products and great technological innovations, what is really broken today is the delivery systems of those products and innovations and The Totus Group plans to address this opportunity through its vision.

The Delivery Systems and Services The Totus Group strength lies in its personnel. It has been providing solutions and technology for energy savings and monitoring for more than 20 years. The company's employees have the ability to do energy and technology consulting, project management, design engineering, application engineering, field engineering, electrical installation for various delivery services including new construction, retrofit, general maintenance, preventative maintenance, energy solutions, and energy monitoring and metering. The Totus Group expertise averages over 17 years of field experience in providing the above.

Energy Savings Solutions HVAC and lighting, account for over 70% of the costs associated with operating a building. The installation of energy savings and emission sensing products results in four major enhancements to building operations: 1. Up to 50% reduction in energy costs of an existing building, 2. A significant reduction in a buildings carbon footprint, 3. Studies have shown that the proper monitoring of CO and CO2 emissions increases employee productivity and students grades, and 4. Increased tenant comfort, resulting in higher retention of tenants and premium rents. In addition to these major enhancements, the return on investment on energy saving solutions averages between eight and sixteen months.

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